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Batman: Knightwatch, when the Bat-family goes to social networks

From Batman, more Batman at DC Comics ? Yes, and you’re starting to get used to it. The whole thing is to do a little sorting between the projects that seem the most interesting, but in the case of the one announced today, we will be under the impression that it is not a question of reading that we will necessarily push you to try.

No because really: why?

It has been many months since everyone interested in DC Comics news can count the Batman projects that are still very numerous. Between regular sets Batman and I am Batman, auteur projects (such as Batman: Reptilian by Garth Ennis and Liam Sharp or the White Knight universe by Sean Murphy) and more anecdotal mini-series (Batman: Fortress or even Tom King’s Batman: Killing Time), it appears the upcoming new miniseries, Batman: Knightwatch falls into the latter category.

A story of five issues led by J. Torres with drawings by Erich Owen and Marcelo Di Chiara, whose temporality must spread a priori on one night. After all of Arkham Asylum’s criminals escape, the Bat-Family sets off in pursuit. Batgirl uses a social network to try to locate Clayface using what users say. Alfred then had the idea of ​​developing a more professional social network, dedicated to tracking down thugs and that everyone could use: the Knightwatch. We suspect that, surely, this well-intentioned project will go against some difficulties. To see how Torres will dress the speech he intends to give on social networks, but we can wonder if DC Comics really needed to publish Batman on this kind of theme, which has already been addressed.

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For the curious and curious, Batman: Knightwatch #1 will be available on September 6, 2022. The cover can be found below.


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