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Before the video game, Marvel announces a Midnight Suns comics for September 2022

In case video game players want to consume comics between two games, Marvel aligns with the release from the game Midnight Suns by Firaxis, expected for this fall, by publishing a series under the same title in comics. This tactical role-playing game, derived more or less clearly from the principle of the Midnight Sons, a team of nine characters affiliated with the world of magic, gives birth to a new series written by Ethan Sacks (Avengers of the Wasteland) and illustrated by the artist Luigi Zagaria (Miles Morales: Spider-Man).

In the midnight sun

In this case, the Maison des Idées does not really give the impression of having made a considerable effort, and the project is struggling to look like anything other than a simple variation of a franchise. The character team is based on the roster of playable characters in Midnight Suns with one nuance (Kushala, the Spirit Rider, replaces Jonny Blaze): Blade, Wolverine, Magik, Nico Minoru from the Runaways and then, maybe because the title is quite popular among comic book fans, Zoe Laveau of Strange Academy.

This one will apparently play the role of heroine of the story, the first recruit to have been hired in the team, to go and fight the usual cosmic demon which threatens to destroy the Earth, and whose destiny would be linked to the past of the Sorcerer Supreme, routine. We would like to tell you more, but the official press release does not seem to have more details to present for the moment.

In comics, the name Midnight Suns refers to the Midnight Sons, a team of characters formed by Doctor Strange in Ghost Rider #31 (1992) consisting of nine members assembled to go and fight Lilith and her evil offspring, the Lilin. More recently, a new composition was presented to the public during the Hotel Inferno arc, to come to the rescue of the Sorcerer during his fight against Mephisto. The Ghost Riders siblings have always served as a binding element for the various appearances of the collective, which here opens up to a younger generation.

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Midnight Suns #1 is due out September 14, 2022 with cover art by David Nakayama, a few weeks before Firaxis’ game is due for release on October 7.


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