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Ben Affleck still present as Batman/Bruce Wayne in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom

A well-kept secret has certainly just been revealed, and should please some DC Comics fans. While additional scenes are obviously being shot for Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom (whose principal photography was completed earlier this year), it is the return of Ben Affleck in James Wan’s film which has been made official by actor Jason Momoa himself.

More Batfleck?

Let’s put things in order: Jason Momoa was caught shooting scenes for Aquaman & The Lost Kingdom (we prefer the VO title) with Ben Affleck by a tourist bus at Warner Bros. studios. He then preferred to formalize the news himself through his social networks, having been caught “hand in the bag” – and explaining in a video to Warner that this is what happens when they organize visits to sets. In the photos posted by the actor, we find indeed a well-shaven Ben Affleck, wearing the gray suit that Bruce Wayne had in the previous DC Comics films featuring him (Batman v Superman, then Justice League).

What to go against the declarations even of Affleck, who declared being done with the role of Batman after The Flash ? Not necessarily. On the one hand, it indeed appears that the actor will play at least one scene as Bruce Wayne, and nothing yet says that the Batman costume is on the program of Aquaman & The Lost Kingdom (since it is obviously additional filming scenes). On the other hand, James Wan’s film is scheduled for March 2023, when The Flash is now set for June 2023 – it is therefore still quite possible that the actor bows out in the film. ‘Andy Muschietti, and that the delays in the film allowed the actor to have fun and come back to play in an additional film – especially since in the diegesis of DC Films, Bruce Wayne and Aquaman have maintained friendly relations.

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Of course, part of the public will take this information with less rationality (while The Batman 2 has been official for a few months) but Warner Bros being a studio that has repeatedly shown us to be able to go in all directions at once, we will not be surprised to find Ben’s big chin in the future in other DC productions .

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