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Black Adam: a stunning new trailer for SDCC 2022

After Shazam: Fury of the Gods, Warner Bros. present, as expected, the other movie about a muscle guy with a lightning bolt on his chest from the DC Films factory. The only production scheduled for this year outside of David F. Sandberg’s project, Jaume Collet-Serra’s adaptation of Black Adam, built around the plump shoulders of Dwayne Johnson, was also out for San Diego Comic Con 2022. new owners of WarnerMedia studios have thus decided to refocus their priorities on future releases, without necessarily insisting on the other films planned for next year.

What is Black Adam Cooking?

The team showed up on the spot, with a Dwayne Johnson in costume, in the mist, happy to find a certain enthusiasm among the crowd and to put on a show for the enthusiasts. The guy promised that the DC universe at the cinema would never be the same again, joined on stage by some of the performers of the Justice Society (by suggesting the idea that these would represent a new era for DC Films productions – potential spin-off on the team?) and by the director. Some encouraging speeches on the tone of anti-hero of this Black Adam of cinema, the usual bursts of applause.

The cast took the opportunity to announce in passing the return of Viola Davis in the role of Amanda Waller, a first element of real connection between Dwayne Johnson’s film and the rest of the DC Comics properties in the cinema. The project will not evolve in an isolated enclave, with the arrival of the director of the Suicide Squad. It remains to be seen how the script will approach this link.

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And then it was necessary to show a little something that justifies having spent the price of the panel. Fight ? Fight.



Black Adam is expected in theaters on October 19, 2022.

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