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DC announces John Stewart: The Emerald Knight one-shot for November 2022

Booster chart approaching for John Stewart. If the other great star of the Green Lantern family celebrated his birthday last year, DC Comics has nevertheless decided to insist on the character this year, with the animated movie Beware My Power and a slight change in the status quo. Following his crusade in the Dark Sectors at the head of a small troop of ring bearers, Stewart finds himself deprived of his powers following the explosion of his energy battery.

Later, after a bit of a journey through space, he will obtain a kind of new power following his encounter with the New God Lonar, who takes him on a journey during which he will eventually absorb the energy of a cosmic manifestation dubbed Godstorm. Now, the Green Lantern has the power of the Emerald Knight, which allows him to use the green rays of the famous rings differently.

Green Lantern’s Knight

This update will be discussed in the special issue John Stewart: The Emerald Knight, a one shot of 48 pages served by Geoffrey Thorne on the screenplay and Marco Santucci on the drawings, both of whom passed through the Green Lantern universe recently. The plot continues the events glimpsed during this last year in the company of the hero: still stuck in the Dark Sectors with his team, Stewart will continue to rub shoulders with the New Gods by having to lead the battle against the mad god Esak. The only member of the troop still able to fight, the Emerald Knight will have to learn to use his new abilities to be sure to be able to bring his men home safe and sound.

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The issue inherits a main cover signed by artist Mateus Manhanini, and two variants by Jay Hero and Canaan White. An opportunity to lay eyes on the new design of the Green Lantern, a little more space fantasy than usual.

John Stewart: The Emerald Knight #1 is due out November 2022.


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