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DC announces second volume for Superman ’78, the comic book sequel to Richard Donner’s films

In the great wave of nostalgic titles raging in the comics industry, DC Comics had capitalized on the affect of its readers to its old films Superman (by Richard Donner) and Batman (by Tim Burton) to offer comics taking place in their respective continuities. Thus had started during 2021 the publication of the title Superman ’78 of Robert Venditti and Wilfredo Torres, allowing to find a Man of Steel camped on the features of Christopher Reeve. The essay has obviously been transformed for DC Comics, since a second title in this continuity is in preparation.

Superman Returns

It was the author Robert Venditti himself who undertook to make a secret announcement, pointing to a passage from his biography printed in the album version of Superman ’78, released recently in the United States. The text indeed indicates that the author is in the process of preparing a second volume of the series, thus confirming the forthcoming publication of a new mini-series in line with the continuity of the films of Richard Donner. The author doesn’t say if Torres will be in the game again artistically, but he wouldn’t be unhappy to assume so.

The first mini-series took place chronologically after the events of Superman II (with Donner’s cut, of course) and allowed Brainiac to be introduced into this universe (while the director himself had considered using him for Superman III , if he had continued to work on this franchise at the time). Now, everything remains to be done for this next volume of Superman ’78, whose title we imagine will be adapted (or provided with a subtitle) in order to differentiate it from the first mini-series. More information and visuals soon – maybe for the SDCC?

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