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DCeased War of the Undead Gods: DC Comics’ zombie apocalypse unveiled in lengthy preview

Two good years after the publication of the second volume of its DCeased saga, the third opus (because it always takes three) is ready to hit the shelves of comic shops. Although the first issue of DCeased: War of the Undead Gods should not arrive until next August, a slew of first interior boards reaches us online, enough to find theElseword catastrophist of Tom Taylor and Trevor Hairsine.

Death suits them

The creative team of the first two opuses of DCeased meet again for this maxi-series in eight issues, designed to be the final part of this successful trilogy, which has seen several spin-offs (Unkillables and Hope At World’s End, all published in VF at Urban Comics) follow each other between the main chapters. While DCeased 2 (Dead Planet) ended on a happy note, the misfortunes of this universe are not ready to stop. As a reminder, DCeased sees the DC Comics universe succumb to an epidemic of corrupt Anti-Life equation, which transforms all those affected into sorts of zombies (anti-living) thirsty for rage and blood.

Trevor Hairsine’s boards show us a brief flashback from Brainiac’s attack on Argo City that caused Kara Zor-El to leave her fragment of planet, but also the happy reunion between Lois Lane and her family, now only a remedy for the anti-life equation Was found. But the New Gods have also been infected, we know that Darkseid will also be back – in short, chaos in perspective, which will not displease readers.

DCeased: War of the Undead Gods #1 will get regular cover art from Trevor Hairsine, with variations from Francesco Mattina and Kael Ngu. Dan Mora will also be on hand for interconnected covers on the first four issues. Beginning of hostilities on August 8th.

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