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Disney updates the name of the Jessica Jones series on Disney+ (without explanation)

Moreover, it is not necessarily a crucial piece of news, nor even a piece of news strictly speaking. Let’s take a little height: in the logic of cross-marketing, it is not impossible that the huge holding that represents the Disney group has simply decided to update the official nomenclature in which some of the Defenders “division” series are stored – the old productions born from the agreement between Marvel Television and Netflix, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist.

However, the series that was once called “Marvel’s Jessica Jones” is now called “AKA Jessica Jones”, in other words, the code name of the first adaptation project devoted to the New York detective, at the time. where screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg had started working on it (in 2010, on behalf of the ABC chain, another branch of Disney industries). To date, this is the only modification of this kind in the products of the Defenders group. And by the way, in the new posters that Disney had put online to celebrate the arrival of Netflix series on Disney+, this title had not yet been changed.

You do with it what you want

For those who missed the info, initially, the serial version of the Alias ​​comics had actually been entitled to a first version before the agreement between Marvel and Netflix. This one was to focus on Jessica Jones, to be broadcast on ABC and produced by Joe Quesada and Jeph Loeb, but also included the character of Luke Cage in the foreground, in the idea of ​​a more direct adaptation of the romance between these two known heads of the Maison des Idées. Carol Danvers was also to appear in a corner of the screen. Finally, ABC will not order the series, and part of the ideas will a priori be recycled for the Netflix project started a year after the official cancellation. In summary, it’s fairly unlikely that Disney+’s new “AKA Jessica Jones” insert will have any connection, even symbolic, to what Rosenberg was proposing at the time.

But then, why? We have already seen that Disney allowed itself a thousand and one quirks in content management offered on its platform. The most logical – or rather the most utopian – track would be that the new title “AKA Jessica Jones” was laid there to serve as a future reference for brand consistency. Or to put it bluntly, if Marvel Studios, which now owns and governs Marvel Television Decisions, ever decides to launch a new series that would effectively be called AKA Jessica Jones, Disney+ is already tuning into that new title to give the impression of a kind of sequel. Or of canonical filiation.
This idea obviously seems a bit absurd, given that no one has officially or unofficially mentioned the possibility of seeing the character, camped by Krysten Ritter, resume service in the immediate future. As usual, we imagine that this one would answer “yes”, because everyone tends to answer yes to a question written on the back of a check with several zeros. For example, the Kingpin and Daredevil have been “recanonized” in the Marvel Studios saga through the Hawkeye series and the Spider-Man: No Way Home movie – we also know that a new series devoted to the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen is currently in development, but the fate of his dark-haired hard-drinking girlfriend is still unknown. From there to imagine a new universe based in New York to bring back one by one the figures of the Netflix era. Even by putting a first link in the She-Hulk series… Why not?
At present, unfortunately, we can’t have fun doing anything other than speculating, or shrugging our shoulders considering that this is a non-event. The ways of Uncle Scrooge are sometimes impenetrable, and it’s not even impossible that a future comic called AKA Jessica Jones would justify this little update on its own. Besides, we also remember that Gail Simone and Phil Notto recently had the opportunity to take an interest in the case of the detective during a mini-series on behalf of the Maison des Idées. It’s up to you to theorize.

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