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Dynamite Entertainment is adapting the film Fire & Ice by Ralph Bakshi and Frank Frazetta in comics

The publishing house Dynamite Entertainment joins forces with the heirs of Ralph Bakshi and Frank Frazetta to continue the Fire & Ice saga (Tygra, la Glace et le Feu, 1983) in comics format. The brand signs an agreement with Bakshi Productions and Frazetta Girls to produce several comic book adaptations of this animated film, starting with a first project in the form of a direct sequel to the original. Already quite close to common themes in the fashion of Conan the Barbarian comics of the 1980s, Fire & Ice had, at the time, mobilized Roy Thomas and Gerry Conway to write the screenplay.

Two Fire Two Iceous

On this side, Dynamite operates on familiar ground. After having already secured Red Sonja Rights, a character invented by Thomas and the artist Barry Windsor-Smith freely inspired by a short story by Robert E. Howard (The Shadow of the Vulture, “Red Sonya”), the brand devotes part of its productions to the exploitation of the barbaric fantasy from this same generation of artists. At the same time, adaptations of external properties are commonplace in the company’s internal catalogue: Game of Thrones, Army of Darkness, Barbarella, some late derivations of the great figures of the pulp era like Doc Savage, Dejah Thoris, John Carter or The Shadow, etc. The announcement of comic books based on the movie Fire & Ice therefore rightfully has its place within the walls of Dynamite. Although the disparate quality of the productions of this publisher is enough to be cautious.

In cinema, Ralph Bakshi’s feature film follows an adventure openly inspired by this darker fantasy, in vogue following the commercial success of the film Conan the Barbarian (1982), to draw on the artistic heritage of Robert E. Howard. An imaginary dear to the illustrious Frank Frazetta, a great friend of the director. Both will work hand in hand to create this original project, still considered a technical feat in the present.

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“Nekron, son of Juliana, the Ice Queen, is an accomplished magician. He uses his powers to advance a wall of ice towards the lands of the South, destroying everything in his path. He is aided in his cruel designs by an army Nekron kidnaps Tygra, the daughter of King Jarol, the firebender, who has refused any offer of an alliance.Tygra manages to escape from the subhumans before being brought before the magician. She flees through the forest and meets Jarn, the survivor of a massacre. The princess and the warrior fall in love with each other, but are soon taken over by the subhumans.”

The publisher has not yet announced a creative team or official titles for the various comics planned following the signing of this partnership with the heirs of the two creators. It seems that Esad Ribic is looking for a job. We say that… we say everything.

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