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Eight Billion Genies by Charles Soule soon to be adapted into a film and series at Amazon

Charles Soule has a string of contracts in Hollywood. While waiting to see what the adaptation of Undiscovered Country will bring, in the making at New Republic Featuresthe screenwriter is selling the rights to another more recent creation, Eight Billion Genies, at Amazon Studios. The SVOD giant will be responsible for transposing the synopsis of this wacky comic into a set of varied projects, presented by the Hollywood Reporter as a new cross-media initiative between television series and feature films. With a first film to seal the start of the franchise.

Genie, you are free

Published by Image Comics, Eight Billion Genies follows the adventure of a small group of individuals entrenched in a bar sheltered from an apocalypse of a new kind. The story develops a very simple principle: on an Earth populated by eight billion people, an army of “geniuses” appears from nothing and offers each human being (men, women, adults, children, babies, etc.) to formulate a wish. Each individual is entitled to their genie, and each genie grants a unique wish.

In a small town in Michigan, an alcoholic dad, his son, a small group of rockers and two Chinese tourists all meet in a bar, which happens to be the last refuge from the collective madness that is brewing: the owner, skilled ( and loaded with a rather mysterious history), immediately wished that the wishes expressed throughout the world would not affect his establishment, and that nothing that will be wished would affect the people within. His bar is therefore the safest place on the planet, while outside, some are demanding dinosaurs, others giant monsters, others superpowers, or outright the death of certain individuals. The Earth is deformed, reformed, destroyed little by little from the first 8 minutes, while inside the bar, we wonder about the attitude to adopt.

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In short, we can imagine that the film will present the plot of the mini-series of Soule (illustrated in comics by the artist Ryan Browne) and that future spin-offs will be interested in the wishes expressed by different layers of the population to worldwide. The screenwriter and artist will serve as consultants on the adaptation, which has not yet announced a screenwriter or director. To date, only two of the eight issues of Eight Billion Genies have been published, and we do not yet know why the genies have landed on Earth, nor how the story will end. To be continued.

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