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Gotham Knights: WB Games presents a trailer dedicated to the character of Robin

The release of Gotham Knights is approaching, and the teams of Warner Bros. Games list the promo content relating to the different characters planned for the program. After Nightwing and the Red Hood, Robin (not Red Robin), the third son of the bat, is entitled to his own gameplay video. Or more exactly, a presentation of features and the character of the former acolyte, deprived like the others of his horned mentor. It will be Tim Drake and not Damian Wayne, because life is like that.

The baby bird takes flight

Based shortly after the death of Batman, in a Gotham City that relies on the various heirs of the family to take matters into their own hands, Gotham Knights will follow the formula of the games in the Arkham series by introducing the mysterious Court of Owls as the main attraction from the antagonists’ point of view.


Warner Bros. Games, already responsible for the game Arkham Origins, slips a press release accompanying the new video.

Warner Bros. Games and DC today revealed an all-new trailer for Gotham Knights, the upcoming open-world action-RPG developed by Warner Bros. Games Montreal. The video features gameplay of Robin, known as Tim Drake, the youngest of the Four Knights and the third Batman protege to don the Robin costume. ?? ?

As an expert in b? (long stick) foldable and specialist in stealth techniques, Robin is an asset you can count on. Robin is able to teleport using technology from the Justice League’s satellite, using speed and surprise to his advantage during his battles. His lack of experience is compensated by his extreme intelligence and detective skills on par with, if not better than Batman’s. Robin yearns to one day take up the torch from his mentor. And when the time is right, it will be ready. ?

The title is expected for October 25, 2022 on consoles and PC.

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