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Image Comics announces Kaya, the new comic by Wes Craig (Deadly Class) for October 2022

The principle of stories articulated around a small family of survivors, in a world destroyed by a mysterious apocalypse, is on the way to becoming a genre of artistic movement in its own right. After We Live, Jonna, Snow Angels, or even Nocterra in a way, another project comes to be part of the continuity of the heirs of Sweet Tooth. After two years of work, corrections and preparation, Wes Craig, pencil genius behind the masterpiece Deadly Class, is finally preparing to launch Kaya at Image Comics. The first issue has been announced for this fall.

Wild Arms

Craig had already started presenting an alternate version of the first issue, accessible on request for the curious. At the time, it was presented on a colorization exclusively made up of black and ocher, which will apparently not be the case with the final version. Image Comics slips a few pages with the official announcement, accompanied by two covers, including one to pay homage to the giant Jack Kirby. It should be noted that the artist officiates this time alone at all stages of the production chain: writing, drawing, inking and coloring, in accordance with the desire for a passion project in which he himself admits having invested enormously. of time and energy.

Kaya follows the adventure of a big sister and her little brother in a desert world, after the destruction of their village. The boy, Jin, considered a prince, is not able to cope alone in this environment populated by monsters, robots, armed factions and inexplicable creatures. Kaya, her older sister, is on her side equipped with a magic prosthesis which serves as her right arm. The heroine will try to shelter her little brother in an area cut off from the bestiality of the new world. There, Jin will then have to learn the secret of human collapse, and find a way to overthrow the evil empire that has taken power following the disasters.

Already presented briefly in the anthology Image! by Eric Stephenson, Kaya will make its debut on newsstands on October 5, 2022. The title has already received validation from many major designers in the industry, including the formidable Elsa Carter.

Wes Craig Launches Kaya at Image Comics This October
Wes Craig Launches Kaya at Image Comics This October
Wes Craig Launches Kaya at Image Comics This October
Wes Craig Launches Kaya at Image Comics This OctoberWes Craig Launches Kaya at Image Comics This October

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