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In total, AXE: Judgment Day at Marvel will span 37 all-inclusive issues

Each month its announcement for new numbers closely or slightly less closely related to Marvel’s next big event, Judgment Day, which starts in July. La Maison des Idées has just lifted the veil on the complete checklist of issues that will address this event – since in more than one one shot on Starfox others tie ins will of course be published next fall. In total, nearly forty issues, proof being that the publisher does not intend to change its way of proceeding for the events of its editorial. A priori, it is that it sells.

Because if it didn’t sell, they wouldn’t keep doing it, right?

Thus, in addition to one shot devoted to Starfox, in October 2022 we will be able to find an AXE issue: X-Men #1 by Kieron Gillen (the great architect of Judgment Day) and Franscesco Mobili, an AXE: Eternals #1 by Gillen and Pasqual Ferry (Spider- Man: Spider’s Shadow), and an AXE: Iron Fist #1 by Alyssa Wong and Michael Yg (which will feature the new wearer of the costume recently introduced in Marvel comics). Nic Klein takes care of the covers of the first two one shotsPhilip Tan of the third, the latter being a priori a bit disconnected from the rest of theevent despite the parentage in the title.

What will particularly impress is the overall checklist, which allows you to see a one shot conclusion Omega as mainstream events have now become accustomed to (whether at Marvel or DC Comics), but to calculate that AXE: Judgment Day is spread over a set of 37 all-inclusive issues, with the issues of X-Men, Avengers, Fantastic Four or even Captain Marvel series involved, but also all the one shots advertised as tie in. With an average of $4 per issue (if not more), we are therefore on a total ofat least $148 spread over roughly three full months to read the entire event. Although Marvel no longer surprises with this way of doing things, applied in a loop for all events for many years, the calculation remains as interesting as ever – and suggests, for the VF, a salvo of different publication formats (starting with the monthly Softcovers up to a huge Omnibus afterwards).

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Of course, the financial report will be to be put in opposition to that of the narrative and the qualitative, the author Kieron Gillen being one of the good feathers at the publisher – we will talk about it again in the fall, when Judgment Day will be completed .


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