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Joker: Folie à Deux triples its production budget ($150 million) compared to the first film

From a long paper of variety on the continual inventory carried out at the moment at DC Films, it emerges that the only project to have officially received the green light of production (the famous “green light) is Joker: Folie à Deux by Todd Phillips. The director’s second opus on the Clown Prince of Crime has recently confirmed to have hired Lady Gaga for the role of Harley Quinn, and we now learn the impressive budget that will be devoted to this sequel, with a significant part included in the salaries of his actor and actress duo.

This will allow them to afford a great vacation

According to the report of variety (which summarizes on the side the situation that we have been able to see develop, for the Green Lantern series or Strange Adventures, or projects Constantine and Black Canary), the huge cinematic success of the first Joker means that the production budget will increase considerably for the second opus. It is explained that Joaquin Phoenix and Todd Phillips must each receive $20 million to make the film, while Lady Gaga will receive $10 million – substantial salaries which, when added together, already weigh for $50 million, or almost all of the Joker’s production budget (which was $55 million, excluding marketing).

As a result, the budget for Joker: Folie à Deux is now estimated at around $150 million, or roughly triple what Joker cost. A sort of irony when you remember that Warner, then not very confident in the project, had only decided to finance it halfway – even if it means losing part of the enormous profits made on the film, which had exceeded the billion dollar mark at the box office. If the new direction of DC Films, as seen by David Zaslav, involves funding only films that the studio believes in, no doubt there are some good hopes in the air.

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Part of this increase is linked to the film’s musical approach (we repeat that this does not mean that the film should look like a comedy, remember Sweeney Todd or Repo! The Genetic Opera) which will require having large sets to operate on. In this regard, variety explains that the approach would be more that of an A Star is Born than an In the Eights (understand, prefer a duet rather than vast scenes with lots of extras).

Joker: Folie à Deux is scheduled for October 2, 2024 in our cinemas.


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