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Locke & Key: a new trailer for the 3rd and final season on Netflix

All good things come to an end, a maxim that also applies to bad things. A few weeks before its broadcast on Netlifx, the third and final season of Locke & Key reminds us, in a month of August arriving particularly loaded with adaptations of comics (with The Sandman, Harley Quinn season 3, I Am Groot or even She-Hulk). What to take stock of the plot of this final burst of episodes. Or to remember that comics are definitely good. Also.

Time travel for Locke & Key season 3

The new Locke & Key season 3 trailer shows us the discovery by the Locke siblings, made up of Tyler (Connor Jessup), Kinsey (Emilia Jones) and Bode (Jackson Robert Scott) of a mysterious key allowing them to travel. in time. They then discover a former British army captain Frederick Gideon (Kevin Durand) who had discovered the famous portal in the sea cave in 1775. Possessed by a demon, the latter now also wants to seize the keys that will allow the kingdom of shadows to arrive on Earth, like Dodge in the first two seasons. According to the trailerthe latter will also be back.

In short, a plot which, by its reference to the past, is a bit reminiscent of the mini-series In Pale Battallions Go (published in the volume L’Âge d’Or by HiComics), but who should however keep his distance from the comics of Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez. We perceive a lack of ambition in the trailer, which is quite poor in visual effects, and the fact that the French account of Netflix did not put the VF trailer online at the same time leads us to think that the series , which must be completed anyway, is no longer part of the platform’s priorities. Still, the fans of the first hour will be able to discover the conclusion of this story. the trailer VO can be found below.

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