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Marvel announces Murderworld: Avengers one-shot series for November 2022

In case the world would lack avengers series to occupy the subway routes, the House of Ideas is reinterested in the case of the super-villain Arcade for a new muscular tussle between the heroes of Earth and the manager of Murderworld. The publisher is announcing a Murderworld: Avengers series for the fall, with a creative team on a writing duo – Jim Zub and Ray Fawkes will actually take turns writing the script, while artist Jethro Morales will handle the art.


To justify Arcade’s return, Zub and Fawkes come up with the idea of ​​a professional documentarian looking to learn about the Murderworld – in other words, the place where Marvel’s super-assassin locks up his victims, a kind of adventure park. attraction, or house of traps à la Saw. Paul Pastor has heard of the existence of this place and intends, with the help of the Avengers, to expose Arcade and reveal the horrors perpetrated by the criminal. But to do this, you will of course have to go there.

The press release promises a considerable dose of the unexpected and a few corpses on the horizon. But given the summoned heroes and the format of the story, we do not necessarily expect a shocking or crucial death in the immediate future. The project will actually start with a number Murderworld: Avengers #1 before continuing on different one shots dedicated to Spider-Man, Wolverine, and Moon Knight (i.e., two out of three immortals) before a concluding issue – probably Murderworld: Avengers #2 or some other name in the genre, “Omega”, “Final”, etc.

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Paco Medina provides cover for the first issue, due November 16, 2022.


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