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Marvel’s Midnight Suns: Spider-Man shows us his gameplay in video

Without taking a rest in its promotional campaign, 2K Games and Firaxis continue to unveil the gameplay of the many heroes and heroines to intervene in their game Marvel’s Midnight Suns, coming next October. After Iron Man Where Captain Americait’s the turn of Spider-Man, another of the most popular heroes of the House of Ideas, to show what he will be capable of in the game.

Webs and flames

As you have already seen so far (think about hyperlinks if not for a few reminders), Marvel’s Midnight Suns game will be a turn-based tactical RPG where the actions of Marvel heroes will be determined by a system of cards to use. These allow both the movement and the attacks of your characters, and concerning Spider-Man, of course, the game will make use of the webs and the acrobatic capacities of the Weaver so that the player can get away with his opponents.

It will be appreciated to find regularly these videos of gameplay to familiarize yourself with the game, whereas most previous adaptations of Marvel heroes on consoles relied on a real-time action/adventure formula. What to prepare and not be destabilized (and also be sure to want to try this kind of game). Marvel’s Midnight Suns is slated for release in early October 2022. Are you planning to add it to your toy library?

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