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Not All Robots by Mark Russell and Mike Deodato Jr. in February 2023 at Delcourt editions

Just crowned with an Eisner Award for the best humorous publication, the title Not All Robots invites itself into the French news. Indeed, the mini-series by Mark Russell and Mike Deodato Jr. will be published in France, by Delcourt editions, as published director Thierry Mornet recently confirmed.

Robots everywhere, humanity somewhere

Started in summer 2021the Not All Robots mini-series continues the vast company of satire in comics led by Mark Russell since 2014 with Prez at DC Comics (and Urban Comics in VF), then The Flintstones (unpublished), Second Coming (already available at Delcourt ) or even Billionaire Island (coming soon at Urban as well).

The author is interested here in the advent of technologies since in 2056, all human families now have domesticated robots to assist them in their task. Like Animatrix which exposed the origins of the uprising of machines, Not All Robots speaks of the way in which human beings program their own obsolescence, their relationship to technology, while the robots themselves begin to have behaviors , somewhere, more and more human.

A great moment of humor, sometimes dark, which allows Mark Russell to continue his great decadent fresco on our modern societies – and which very clearly deserves the Eisner Award just received a few days ago. On his social networks, Thierry Mornet therefore confirms the arrival of the album at Delcourt for the month of February 2023 – a publication window that should not be missed, count on us to remind you!

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