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Powerpuff Girls Creator Returning for Animated Reboot (and the CW Version Will Still Be Planned)

Double hit for the Powerpuff Girls. The editorial staff of Variety announces the great return of the original creator of the three heroines of Townsville for a new animated series developed by Hanna-Barbera Europe studios. After a few years haunting the corridors of Netflix for various cartoon projects killed in the bud, Craig McCracken has finally decided to throw in the towel, faced with the gradual collapse of the animation department of this SVOD giant.

Also, homecoming for one of the big names from Cartoon Network’s heyday. The father of Belle, Bulle et Rebelle, disciple of Genndy Tartakovsky and frequent director of the animated series Dexter’s Laboratory, returns to Hanna-Barbera Studios for a reboot Powerpuff Girls based on sugar, and also spices.

But above all, heaps of good things

The editorial staff of Variety does not provide more details on this new project (new villains would be expected for this extension of duration), and is satisfied with a quote from the president of Cartoon Network, Sam Register, happy to see McCracken return to the House. Already in office at the time of the first seasons of the Powerpuff Girls, Register belongs to this category of respectable white collar workers – praised by its employees, the various creative people in the industry and its few counterparts in the moving image market. Former artistic director, director and recognized creative, the man is even one of the co-creators of the cartoon The Looney Tunes Show, producer on Ben10 and on the adaptation of Teen Titans by Glen Murakami, who paid tribute to him by giving his name to one of the characters in the series (Professor Register). Currently, he serves as the main crowned head in the organization chart of Warner Bros. on the animation front, serving three terms as president of Cartoon Network Studios, Hanna-Barbera Studios and WB Animation Studios.

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It is therefore with the confidence of a big name in the industry that Craig McCracken will return to animate, once again, the three heroines born of Chemical Agent X. No release date or details on preproduction for the moment, it will still be necessary to wait a few months, even a few years, before hoping to find the trio and their wacky adversaries, hoping that the graphic style remains in the nails of the first animated series.

On the front of the news a little less exciting, the editorial staff of Variety confirms in passing that the adaptation in real images of the Super Girls, a time considered by the teams of the CW channel, has not yet been thrown in the trash. It is likely that this other project will be reviewed from top to bottom following the filming of a first pilot which obviously was not enough to convince the production last year. Baptized “Power puff“, the series proposed to find Belle, Bulle and Rebelle as adults, rid of their illusions of youth and gone in opposite directions. Diablo Cody, screenwriter of the films Juno and Jennifer’s Body, was at the time to take care of writing with Heather Regnier, producer on Veronica Mars and the soap opera adaptation of Sleepy Hollow.
To see if this team will still be at the maneuver if this other project comes out of the ground one day, and if the distribution engaged at the time (Chloe Bennett, Dove Cameron and Yana Perrault) will also be maintained for the three main roles.

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