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SDCC 2022: Henry Cavill could make an appearance to discuss the future of Superman according to Deadline

The editorial staff of Deadline makes the call of the forces present, on the eve of the annual edition of San Diego Comic Con. A large format convention this year: marvel studios and DC Movies, after having distanced themselves from this mecca of the entertainment industries, will return to the scene in the company of the two publishing houses of each group. On the program, cinema, television series, animation and comics, and a focal point on the priorities of the moment – in particular on the next adaptations expected for this year. But, maybe not only: the editorial staff of Deadline would have heard of a surprise visit from actor Henry Cavill, and maybe even a little progress on the Superman situation.

It’s a bird ? Is it a plane? It’s just a rumor at this point!

Also, we will wait before banging our heads on the ceiling, jumping for joy at the announcement of this news. Deadline does not elaborate, and does not even bother to speculate or give more information, to avoid pissing off the crowds. At this stage, the status quo between Henry Cavill and Warner Bros. seemed to stall : the studio has not announced any new film likely to welcome the former interpreter of Superman, who had not been contacted for the film Shazam, nor for the end scene of the Peacemaker series. In both cases, the character was nevertheless present on the screen, but the production was apparently instructed not to renew Cavill’s contract. A situation which undoubtedly arises from the difficult management of the “post-Zack Snyder” file, and which seemed to have found a way out by betting on a reboot of the Kryptonian.
The character has never taken advantage of the special status of Batman or Spider-Man to operate on more than two franchises simultaneously. One thing is certain: not having sought to renew the Man of Steel for a second part alone in the cinema will have been one of the grossest errors of Warner Bros. – an opinion that generally federates fans even beyond opinions on the rest of the saga of Zack Snyder in the cinema. The actor has always been in favor of a return (even late) and the success of The Witcher may have helped studio executives make decisions.

In short, you will have understood: it is too early to speculate or get carried away on a simple noise in the corridor (sorry, our fault, the habit of conventions which returns). Other than that, Deadline lists for on-site presentations:

  • A preview of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever and the She-Hulk: Attorney At Law series at Marvel Studios, but the company would have to settle for bare minimums to keep its biggest cartridges in anticipation of D23. In summary, maybe no Kevin in a cap in front of a timeline or John Krasinski in blue pajamas for the moment. Perhaps a surprise will come, here again, to insert itself between two evidences.
  • On the Warner Bros. side, we are also playing it safe by betting on the two most important releases of this year: the film Black Adam with Dwayne Johnson traveling on site this Saturday, with Shazam: Fury of the Gods.
  • Keanu Reeves will also be on the Netflix front Friday to present the adaptation of his own comic book, BRZKR. Apart from the adaptations of comics, the actor may also come to support his old friend Chad Stahelski, present on site for a first glimpse of John Wick 4.
Tomorrow’s day will be devoted to two panels devoted to two animated series (Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur, Harley Quinn), pending the presentation by Marvel Studios Animation this Friday. Paper Girls will also be entitled to a little boost to accompany the launch of the first season on Prime Video on this date, in parallel with The Walking Dead, in other words, a rather light SDCC which relies mainly on the federation of the great powers (with enough products to sell to be willing to share some spotlight).

It remains to be hoped that the comics will be in working order to accompany the event!

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