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Thanos: Death Notes, a one-shot with JM Straczynski and many others in November 2022

No, Thanos did not decide to open a notebook in which he would write down all the people he wanted dead. But Marvel intends to put the Mad Titan back in the center of all attention next November, with the one shot Thanos: Death Notes #1, which will see some pretty names line up for a set of short stories.

Death suits him so well

The Entire Agenda of Thanos: Death Notes #1 Is Actually Tied to run current Thor by Donny Cates. If you remember correctly, it was in the first arc which pitted the God of Thunder against Black Winter that the first had a vision of his death, in which appeared a Thanos wearing a mjolnir in which the six stones of the infinity (as well as a seventh, all black, which could be a “death stone“). Despite his other adventures against Donald Blake or his own hammer, Thor always has this vision in his memory, which he must obviously prevent from happening.

For these purposes, Thor must therefore explore the past of Thanos and this is where the various creative teams will intervene, to tell the stories intertwined in the contemporary narrative (much like what was done in Thor #750, where the stories were linked around a funeral ceremony). We will therefore find JM Straczynski, author to whom we owe one of the runs famous about the superhero (he had brought him back from the dead after Civil War and had Asgard rebuilt by bringing his people back to life).

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The superstar screenwriter will not be alone, since Torun Gronbekk (close collaborator of Jason Aaron, to whom we owe the Mighty Valkyries segment), Kyle Starks, Christopher Cantwell, Andrea Di Vito, Travel Foreman or the inevitable Ron Lim, whose name is strongly attached to that of Thanos. A superb regular cover of Andrea Sorrentino can be found below.

Thanos: Death Notes #1 will be available on November 30, 2022.


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