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The Boys joins CMON’s Zombicide game

Good news for lovers of The Boys universe and for fans of cooperative games such as Zombicide, the hit from publisher CMON. The basic game has been adapted many times to other licenses, one of the latest being that of Marvel Zombies. Soon, it will therefore be up to Billy Butcher and associates to make their arrival in the playful franchise.

The Seven and the Boys against zombies

CMON has indeed announced an upcoming crossover of its game with The Boys, which will instead be inspired by the Prime Video series (for the roster of the Seven team) rather than that of the comics of Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson. On the program, three packs of figurines to be used with the basic game to mix the heroes of the series with the invasion of zombies.

The cooperative game, which is done on a board and with dedicated figurines, will therefore allow you to play the members of The Boys (Butcher, Mother’s Milk, Kimiko, Frenchie, Hughie, Annie as well as Terror the bulldog as a companion) or the Seven (Homelander, Queen Maeve, The Deep, Black Noir, A-Train, Soldier Boy and Starlight – thus with a different costume than Annie), while the Homelander can also be used as an Abomination in the game. character packs are available for pre-order on the CMON website for $59. In France, the game is published by Edge Entertainment.


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