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The Penguin: although very involved in the spin-off of The Batman, Matt Reeves will not direct it

Some not necessarily super new news around The Penguin project. The spin-off of The Batman, which will see Colin Farrell again don his (impressive) Oswald Cobblepot make-up, has benefited from the beginning from the significant involvement of Matt Reeves, in charge of this pocket of universe at DC Films. Also from the start, the director reported his uncertainty to take care of the imaging of that series. We now know that this uncertainty is now certain (do you follow?): no Reeves to direct.

We’re waiting for someone to direct it, so

It is indeed in a recent interview with EntertainmentTonight that actor Colin Farrell has confirmed what had been widely (and more or less explicitly) implied over the past few months on The Penguin project, intended for HBO Max: Matt Reeves may be involved at all the levels of the series, he will not take care of directing the episodes that make up this (first?) season.

Matt is in it up to his neck, on his keyboard planning the story, because he is very meticulous. He is obsessive with his work, and his shadow hangs over the entire series. I mean, he’s not going to direct it, but it will be felt on the whole structure of the script and who gets cast to direct. What is exciting.”

What to realize, also, of a new delay taken by the series, since a start of filming had been planned and raised on the professional aggregate ProductionList for the month of June. It’s safe to assume that the recent Warner Bros. Discovery merger and plans to restructure the DC Comics brand within it may have caused some delays – unless director searches are taking longer than expected. Let us know for the moment patience to keep.

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