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The Pro returns (without Garth Ennis) for an appearance in the anthology Image!

The Image! anthology, a series of short stories overseen by Eric Stephenson to celebrate Image Comics’ rich history on the original creation front, ultimately functions as a Skybound X decal. his small publishing house, Robert Kirkman had had the good idea to offer different artists to deliver small extensions of their past stories (or in the process of being published), alongside presentations of future projects, in a few pages.

And, indeed, Stephenson, editor-in-chief of Image, stole the idea from his colleague to apply it to the thirty years of the company at large. The one-off returns are therefore linked, with old characters created within the walls of the company.

In the heap, The Pro, Casanova, and new stuff

For Image! #6, Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner will tackle a short story devoted to the super-prostitute The Pro, a character invented by Garth Ennis in 2002 with the artist couple. The title focused on a sex worker and single mother who obtained an array of Superman-like superpowers from an alien (inspired by Uatu) based on a bet. Invited to join a parody of the Justice League, The Pro will first use her exceptional abilities for her everyday work, before taking the classic path – powers, responsibilities, etc. The title was, at the time, illustrated by Conner with inking by Palmiotti and colors by Paul Mounts.

The couple will take care of this new story in which Garth Ennis obviously did not want to participate. Along the same lines, super-spy Casanova Quinn will return for another short story, and this time with screenwriter Matt Fraction. The brothers Fabio Moon and Gabriel Bà will take care of the drawing, in an issue which will also offer other segments led by various stars of the industry:

    • Sina Grace to Officiate on a Rockstar & Soft Boy Story
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    • Geoff Johns continues the fragmented story The Blizzard in the company of Andrea Mutti, red thread of the anthology Image!


    • Brenden Fletcher and Erica Henderson on Red Stitches, Patrick Kindlon and Maurizio Rosenzweig on Gehenna


    • Tim Seeley and Stefano Caselli meet again for a Hack/Slash extension, where the protagonists should fight with other heroes from the Image Comics catalog


    • The great Joe Casey teams up with Nathan Fox for a new project dubbed Dutch


  • And finally, the end of the story All the Things We Didn’t Do Last Night by the talented Maria Llovet, the sequel to Billy Dogma by Dean Haspiel, and a story dubbed Stupid Fresh Mess by Skottie Young

Sacred program, we will only regret the absence of old Ennis for new oddities based on super-prostitution (although the introduction of the album edition remains undeniably one of the best comic performances on the part of the screenwriter, find there if you can).

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