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The Sandman: spin-off desires already in the minds of Neil Gaiman and Allan Heinberg

While it is still too early to get our hands on the first ratings of the first season of The Sandman, the media coverage and the noise gleaned from social networks tend to suggest that the project is, for the moment, a small success. Netflix did the highlighting work, and the specialized editorial staff did the rest. For now, the project is off to a generally favorable critical reception, and the public is already starting to make their first memes – a sign of good health for any mainstream product.

Something to reassure about the sustainability of the project

And if Netflix has also accustomed us to nipping excellent products in the bud, given their absurd grid of selection criteria over time, we already know that a season 2 is on the program, currently being written. . Neil Gaiman, creator of the comics, producer and conductor on the adaptation, had the opportunity to speak with the editorial staff of Variety in the company of Allan Heinberg, showrunner official on the series. When the time came to discuss their desires for the future, this is what the one and the other let slip.

“Well, we covered 400 pages of a 3,000 page arc in the first ten episodes. So do the math. Another answer, though, would be, how far does the string go once you start pulling? We know that we would like to do certain things, in an ideal world, from the moment when the public answers present, when people answer the call, when people encourage us, starting with telling the complete story of Sandman until The Wake (note: the closing arc of the comics) And then we would like to do Sandman: Overture (note: an arc located chronologically before The Sandman #1, but made much later by the artist JH Williams III), and maybe somewhere in between, as an episode special or something, doing things like The Dream Hunters (note: an illustrated novella based on a Japanese legend, adapted in comics later) We can also insert here and there stories from E ndless Nights (ed.: an Endless anthology published separately). What’s nice is that we have the entire Sandman corpus to compose with.

There are also mini-series dedicated to Death. It could be great to use them as a story developed in parallel. On top of that, a lot of people who have been up to the third episode have suggested to us, in the last six months, the possibility of doing a series on Johanna Constantine with Jenna Coleman. She’s obviously a star and everyone wants to see her take on demons and destroy people’s lives. This idea also exists. But we could keep listing for a long, long time.”

Note all the same that the last idea mentioned could be confronted with the Constantine series project currently in development in the Bad Robot studios for the future joint platform HBO Max / Discovery +. It seems unlikely that Netflix will succeed in negotiating a space of freedom to develop a competing product, given that the sign can only use the characters of The Sandman (DC Comics properties, therefore) thanks to an agreement made with Warner Bros. Television, and therefore, with the endorsement of the floor above. Then from above, from above, etc.

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The existence of The Sandman is already an anomaly, given that the series was only developed for Netflix because the budgets would have been too large for WB Television to handle alone. This does not mean, however, that Warner Bros., which remains a major player in the war of streaming currently in progress for a few years, would have an interest in letting this occasional partner develop the universe of Morpheus and his friends on future projects. Or not if these conflict with the development plans of their own platform. Jenna Coleman fans, there’s only one thing left for you to do: dream.

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