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The Sandman: two first video extracts devoted to Lucifer and Death

A few days before its release on Netflix, and after presented again during San Diego Comic Con, the series The Sandman is ready to attack head-on the home stretch of its communication campaign. On the program of the day, two first video extracts put online by IGNwhich allow you to discover more about the gloomy, and sometimes touching, atmosphere of the adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s comics.

Not necessarily to watch (spoilers, all that), by the way

The video extracts in question do not spoil the plot (especially for those who have read the comic), but intervene respectively in the fourth and sixth episode of this first season. Suffice to say that these are still relatively advanced passages in the plot.

In the first video, Dream of the Endless (Tom Sturridge) travels to Hell in search of one of Lucifer’s (Gwendoline Christie) demons who stole his helmet – from whom he therefore wants it back.

The second scene, which occurs in episode 6 of the series, features Death played by Kirby Howell-Baptiste, as she does her job to tell an old violinist that it’s time to leave. A moment unlike the first extract, focused on emotion, which will make you shed a tear depending on your sensitivity.

The Sandman premieres August 5 on Netflix.

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