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The Shadowman by Garth Ennis and Ashley Wood at Bliss Editions is currently available for support on Ulule!

A new Ulule crowdfunding campaign is underway with Bliss Editions, for a Valiant Comics title, and not just any title. In effect, alongside the most recent publications of the American publishing house (to whom, as a reminder, belongs the third largest shared universe of heroes and heroines), Bliss also proposes to republish the publications of the Valiant of the 1990s. On the program this month, Shadowman served by authors and artists we do not can more talented.

Garth Ennis and Ashley Wood, please

It is indeed in this new album to be supported on Ulule that we will be able to find two mini-series dedicated to Shadowman, in two new mini-series that will reinvent the character. Indeed, the comics are published in 1997, at the time when Acclaim acquired Valiant, which makes these stories “out of continuity” – ie separate from the original universe of 1992, but also from the modern continuity of 2012. However, the concept remains similar with Shadowman: we are talking about a man inhabited by the loa, who can circulate between our reality and the world of the dead to hunt down demons. Except that here, Jack Boniface, the original hero, is no more, and it is a new host that the loa finds in the person of Zero, a ruthless killer from the mafia world.

The first Shadowman mini-series is written by the illustrious Garth Ennis, whom you will no longer be insulted by presenting (just remember that: Preacher, The Boys, Punisher Max, Crossed are among his many trashy and cult productions) , while the second, Deadside, is by Paul Jenkins (Marvel Knights: Inhumans). The two stories are illustrated by the brilliant painter Ashley Wood for an explosive and stunning result (this artist having also been recognized for his adaptation of the Metal Gear Solid games in comics). In short, a meeting of talents that will find its setting in an album published by Bliss Editions for the sum of 26€. For the record, these two mini-series had inspired the video game Shadowman, which was entitled to a remaster at the beginning of the year.

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As always with Ulule campaigns, the publisher offers different counterparties, which allow you to discover the previous Shadowman titles (but which are, chronologically, more recent), or the other series from the “classic” era of Valiant Comics. At the time of publishing these lines, 100% has not yet been reached, and the publisher will therefore need the public and its curiosity to validate a project that fully deserves it – if you allow us to express an opinion .

So it’s over here to support Garth Ennis’ Shadowman!

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