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The Spider-Man: Freshman Year animated series is set pre-Civil War in an alternate MCU reality (because: the Multiverse)

After his final presentation at San Diego Comic Con 2022, the animated series Spider-Man: Freshman Year raised as much excitement as questions. In question: the questions about the place of the series, which was then described as taking place “before Civil War”, while presenting Norman Osborn as the mentor of Peter Parker. We wrote while we “can hope to have points of Multiverse or variants to explain the series place in the MCU“. Well, that’s exactly it.

With the Multiverse, everything is now canon

To the questions of the site Comicbook.comthe director of the streaming department of Marvel Studios, Brad Winderbaum, clarified the situation of Spider-Man: Freshman Year and its positioning within the continuity of the MCU.

[La série] will follow the path you saw in Civil War, until the passage where Peter recovers the broken Blu-Ray player from the trash and goes back to his apartment, for this famous moment during which Tony Stark is waiting for him and offers him a internship, then takes him to Berlin. Except that with what is happening in the Multiverse, because of new events, it is not Tony Stark who is waiting for him. It’s Norman Osborn, and it’s going to take his life on an unknown trajectory that’s going to bring him into contact with a whole bunch of unexpected Marvel characters.

What justify the many visuals of supervillains broadcast during the SDCC, or even the Daredevil in yellow costume (voiced by Charlie Cox), although the same costume seems to be used for the next She-Hulk series. The Multiverse has a good back anyway to justify/explain this or that inconsistency/subtlety. The scene described by Winderbaum, if you didn’t have it in mind, is embedded below.

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Spider-Man: Freshman Year is due out in 2024 on Disney+.


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