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The Strange Adventures series (HBO Max) also canceled by Warner

We continue to take stock in the series “who will stay, who will not stay?” projects in development at Warner Bros for (soon to be fired) the HBO Max platform. After almost three years of not really giving any news, it’s the turn of the Strange Adventures series to be canceled, a week after Batgirl was put aside by the new management of Warner Bros. Discovery.

Too expensive for too obscure characters

It’s the HollywoodReporter which confirms the news of the cancellation of Strange Adventures, announced a few days earlier by Kevin Smith, who was a screenwriter on it, in his podcast. The series had been put into development in 2019, at the same time as the Green Lantern series project, both overseen by Greg Berlanti. But while the latter was commissioned by HBO Max with initial casting choices, the former remained in development, with Smith busy writing an episode with Eric Carrasco (with whom he had already been able to work on Supergirl ), the series being thought of as an anthology.

The Kevin Smith episode in question reportedly focused on Jimmy Olsen and Bizarro, and the director/screenwriter was looking to cast Nicolas Cage for the role of Bizarro, a form of meta nod to the actor known to be a very great fan of Superman (whom he could have embodied in Tim Burton’s late Superman Lives). Smith had expressed a certain form of pragmatism in his podcast: “There was a form of logic in abandoning Strange Adventures. Nobody really knew these characters, and it seemed like an expensive show to produce.” – in short, all the reasons for David Zaslav not wanting to invest more time in it.

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the HollywoodReporter reminds that the Green Lantern series is still on the right track (as a recent recording on the EIDR proved it), and according to their article’s conclusion, The CW’s Gotham Knights series should be nothing to worry about – oddly enough, when few people seem to want it. Case to follow until the next developments.


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