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Three new one-shots (with a Super Swamp Thing) for Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths

To start the hostilities of San Diego Comic Con 2022, DC Comics attacked hard with a panel dedicated to its event of the year, Dark Crisis, officially renamed to Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths, to concretely record its status as an official sequel (although there were few doubts) to the two-letter publisher’s very first Crisis on Infinite Earths. As we told you in a previous article, the panel was also the occasion to announce three one shots additional information, the details of which will be explained in the text below. Let’s go !

Always more Dark Crisis

Every month and every recent DC Comics solicitation period allowed to see the full scale of Dark Crisis on Infinite Earthswhich will ultimately span almost eight of the twelve months of the year – since the first prologue was published in May and the story is due to conclude next December – enough to suggest an operation of relaunch Where reboot or something like that for January 2023, but let’s not go too fast. Let’s first look at the nature of the three additional numbers announced.

The first is called Dark Crisis: The Deadly Green #1 and will be written by Joshua Williamson, Dan Watters, Ram V (who is handling the Swamp Thing title) and Alex Paknadel, with Daniel Bayliss drawing. The story should show us how Swamp Thing tries to figure out why the Great Darkness (which had a truce with the Green in the original Crisi) joined forces with Pariah. In order to fight against this alliance, the Swamp Creature will also join forces (literally) with other heroes, the opportunity in particular to see what DC Comics calls Super Swamp Thing, the result of a symbiosis between Swampy and Superman (“but he’s not dead?” Stop, it comes out in four months, a lot of things will have happened by then). the one shot is due out October 11, featuring covers by Goñi Montes, Felipe Massafera and Steve Beach.

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The second issue announced is Dark Crisis: The Dark Army #1, a tale by Dennis Culver, Delilah S. Dawson and Mark Waid that sees Damian Wayne become the leader of a hastily assembled team including Red Canary and the Dr. Light. The purpose of this small group is obviously to fight against Pariah and the Great Darkness, but DC also promises revelations about Dr. Light’s role in the original Crisis, with (necessarily) consequences for the rest of the DC universe. Comics. The release is announced for November 22 with covers by Gleb Melnikov, Werther Dell’Edera and Taj Tenfold. Finally, a one shot Dark Crisis: War Zone #1 by Jeremy Adams and Stephanie Williams (artists to be announced later) is slated for December 6 with (undisclosed) covers by Mario Foccillo and Dan Jurgens. This story will show what happens on the non-superhero side during Dark Crisis, taking the perspective of Linda Park and Iris West.

In the end, following the complete Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths checklist, no less than 27 issues will constitute the DC Comics event. It’s a lot, but comparison of the 37 of AXIS: Judgment Day of Marvel which, them, are only spread over three full months, we say to ourselves that the way of doing the Distinguished Competition is, from the point of view of the wallet of the readers, a hair more distinguished, precisely. The numbers are to be found in your comic shop preferred for those already released.


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