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Warner reviews its copy on the 45-day span between a film’s release in theaters and on HBO Max

Concrete demonstration, after the cancellations of films and the savings of hundreds of millions of dollars, of Warner Bros Discovery’s desire to change strategy under the impetus of its new master on board, David Zaslav. While his predecessor, Jaon Kilar, thought the streaming was the future for the studio, the new boss has far more times in film. Also, the policy applied by Warner to put films on the HBO Max platform 45 days after the cinema release, in the United States, will no longer be applied systematically.

A desire to reduce platform-waiting?

It’s from TheWrap, in contact with a spokesperson for Warner Bros. Disocvery, let us hear the news: the next Warner films will therefore no longer have this obligation to be put on the HBO Max platform only a month and a half (45 days) after their arrival in the cinema. A way to clearly mark the break with the strategy attributed to Jason Kilarwhich had even drawn the wrath of the Hollywood community by opting for a simultaneous release of the Warner films of 2021 both in theaters and on their platform (which resulted in major failures at the box office, particularly for The Suicide Squad).

According to the specialized media report, the general rule no longer applies, the length of the wait between a cinema release and on the future HBO Max/Discovery+ platform (whose name is not that, but which will result from the merger of these two existing platforms) will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis, based on Warner’s assessment of need and success of the films in question. In a public press release, Zaslav recalled all the existing distribution centers within the Warner Bros. entity. Discovery, which is not limited to cinemas and platforms, but takes into account a whole bunch of television channels, but also all the other existing platforms. If we obviously cannot imagine Warner offering its DC films on Disney +, there is no doubt that the new strategy will be interesting to follow, even if it means alienating the most impatient spectators (and pirates).

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