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Harry Potter: Lucius Malfoy’s interpreter does not want to “stab JK Rowling in the back”

In an interview with “The Telegraph”, Jason Isaacs – aka Lucius Malfoy in the “Harry Potter” saga – spoke about author JK Rowling.

The controversy is still alive. In an interview with the British media, “The Telegraph”, actor Jason Isaacs was asked about the comments made by JK Rowling, in 2020, concerning transgender people. If he simply refused to comment on his controversial statements, the interpreter of Lucius Malfoy still wanted to make things clear. “She has her opinions, I have mine. They differ in many areas,” the actor begins. “But one of the things that people should also know about her – and this is not a counter-argument – ​​is that she has dedicated a huge part of her fortune to making the world a better place for hundreds thousands of vulnerable children, thanks to its association Lumos. And that is a good thing, unequivocally. Many of us ‘Harry Potter’ actors have worked with the association and we have seen the work it does on the ground”, he continues before adding bluntly: “Despite all the controversial things she said, I wasn’t going to jump on her and stab her, in the front or in the back, without having had a conversation with her, which I haven’t managed to do yet. »


JK Rowling’s controversial remarks do not pass

In 2020, after a publication by the “Devex” site, calling for “creating a more equal post-Covid world for menstruating people”, JK Rowling reacts on social networks. “I’m sure there was a word for these people. Help me. Wumber? Wimpund? Woomud? “, she wrote on Twitter. By pretending not to find the word “Women”, the novelist excludes transgender men who can have their period as well as transgender women who do not. A discourse that thus equates femininity with menstruation and provokes the indignation of the LGBTQ community.

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On January 15, it was the turn of actor Rupert Grint to return to his relationship with JK Rowling, in the columns of the “Sunday Times”. “I compare JK Rowling to an aunt. I don’t necessarily agree with everything my aunt says, but she’s still my aunt. It’s a difficult question,” he admitted. A bias far from surprising since the interpreter of Ron Weasley had very quickly joined his playmates, Emma Watson and Daniel Raddcliffe, on this subject and condemned the comments made by the author in 2020.

Statements that do not pass and which undoubtedly cost JK Rowling her place on board the Hogwarts Express to participate in the reunion special, broadcast on 1er January 2022, in France, on Salto. Indeed, the mother of young Harry Potter was not among the guests and only appeared on the screen through a few archival interviews.

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