Love and Thunder banned in several Arab countries due to gay characters

Several Arab countries have banned the screening of the fourth part of the saga this week Thor in cinemas, due to the presence of gay characters. Entitled Thor: Love and Thunderthe Marvel blockbuster blasted the North American box office, but, like other recent American blockbusters, has sparked unease, even censorship, in some countries due to LGBTQ+ references.

The film contains more or less explicit allusions to homosexuality, Valkyrie, the character played by Tessa Thompson, clearly showing feelings for another woman.

In Bahrain, the Ministry of Information has “decided to stop the projection of a film shown in cinemas for the sake of preserving the virtuous values ​​of society”, according to a statement released Thursday evening. He did not specify the title of the film in question, but the distribution of Thor was actually interrupted.

Kuwait has also banned its screening in cinemas, according to local press. This quotes the Ministry of Information, which explains its decision by the presence of “scenes with homosexual characters”. In Egypt, the press – even state – had promoted the film earlier this month. But a day after its release, it was officially banned due to the presence of gay characters.

In contrast, Thor is still being screened in the United Arab Emirates, an equally conservative Gulf country that had banned the animated film from Pixar Studios Buzz Lightning because it contains a kiss scene between two women.

In April, Saudi Arabia asked Disney to remove “LGBTQ references” from the marvel movie Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness in order to authorize its projection in the rooms of the ultraconservative kingdom. Gender and sexual freedom issues are still very taboo in many Arab countries, especially the Gulf monarchies.

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