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why Ron Weasley is the worst character in the saga?

Who is Harry Potter’s worst character and why is it Ron Weasley? Without any desire to influence anyone, we have rarely seen such a detestable person: on paper, he is a nice hero with an endearing and clumsy look, in real life (if we can say that), he’s a self-centered guy and just a toxic edge.

A redhead, old books and a second-hand dress, we’re sure to be talking about Ronald Bilius Weasley. Aka Ron, aka the bumbling best friend, aka the greatest wizarding chess player of all time, Ron is well and truly Harry Potter’s worst character. What would have been a cult and beautifully put together saga, if it wasn’t for this nice protagonist who is in fact only a tortured and slightly complicated guy? Don’t feel guilty for agreeing with the words that have been and will follow, this article is written by an ardent lover of the adventures of the little boy with glasses, who over time has simply realized that its heroes were in fact only myths which should not be believed.

Ron and his “bloody hells”

bloody hell as Ron Weasley would say, some aspects of his character are worth discussing. Ron is obviously a nice guy, frankly hilarious, completely awkward and totally endearing. We love him because he’s simple, his family is a bit dirty tub of love, and he’s indeed a big help to Harry and Hermione. But if we observe his actions with a closer eye, many of these behaviors reveal an irrepressible lack of self-assurance and self-confidence.

Of course, we can’t blame him. Living in a family of seven children of limited means, and fighting the specter of death every six months, it does not help mental stability. But several times, Ron was able to prove to us that he was impulsive, really too impulsive. Remember this time, in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1, when he cowardly abandons Harry and Hermione in a forest, while they are pursued by scavengers and Lord Voldemort. The reason ? Ronnie found Harry and his future sweetheart to be a little too complacent. So yes, he wore a horcrux around his neck. Even so, his orphaned best friend is not told that he has no right to be worried about the daily wizard murders, since he has no family. Even if, in practice, he is right.

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What if it was Hermione instead, who was the most loyal person to Harry? Ron did not hesitate for a second to turn against his best friend, when the latter was chosen as the fourth champion during the Triwizard Tournament. Deep down he knew that Harry hadn’t put his name in the Goblet of Fire. But probably due to lack of attention, Ron preferred to follow the mass effect, and took sides with those who made fun of Harry. For weeks, he did not speak to her, risking his life. In fact, Ron Weasley was jealous. He was fed up with all the light and all the flames being on Harry, which we frankly understand, but still, he participated in the harassment that his best friend suffered.

Ron and the women in his life

No doubt little Ronald Weasley suffers from Mommy issues. He can’t help but treat the girls, and women, around him like trash. Already, we’ve never seen him particularly friendly with his mother, who is the most helpful person in the wizarding world. Come on, let’s put that on the back of adolescence. But on the other hand, making fun of the weight of a fourteen-year-old girl is frankly average. In Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fireduring the Yule Ball rehearsal scene, Professor McGonagall explains when ” in every maiden a graceful swan lurks, eager to take flight“. To which Ron responds discreetly: ” I don’t know what’s hiding in Eloise Midgen, but it can’t be a swan“. We then see a young girl, her face a little rounder than the others, and who is, clearly voluntarily, not highlighted by the scenography. A classic case of harassment, after all. Was it a will of the screenwriters and JK Rowling to represent the flaws of adolescence, or simply a trivialization of harassment in general? Nobody knows. (We have our little idea).

always in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, which is definitely the part that highlights Ron Weasley’s adorableness the most, Ron categorically refuses to dance with his date at the Yule Ball, Padma Patil. He, and Harry, are literally the only party poopers and not enjoying the evening. The two boys had openly mocked Neville, who is just incredibly brave, when they found out he had found a date. And yet, the two idiots at the party are Ron and Harry.

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We’re not going to dwell too much on this relationship, because it’s as unbearable as it is uninteresting, but when Ron goes out with Lavender Brown in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, he’s just awful with her. He smooches her, accepts her gifts, makes her believe that he cares about her, while behind her back, he repeats and makes it clear to whoever wants to listen that he can’t stand her. When he “broken up” with her, he didn’t even go and say a word to her. A real gentleman.

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Before moving on to his relationship with Hermione, which would objectively deserve an entire spin-off, let’s talk about the one Ron has with his sister, Ginny. Concretely, these two have no hooked atoms and they hardly speak to each other. However, when Ginny starts dating Dean Thomas, all of a sudden, the older brother wakes up. He can’t stand his little sister being with a boy, and he starts whispering shy and ridiculous threats towards Dean. However, the latter has been his friend since his arrival at Hogwarts. A nice behavior of “protective” brother, ultra toxic.

Ron and Hermione Granger

To end on a high note on Ronald Weasley’s demons and red flags, let’s talk about his relationship with Hermione. If in appearance, they appear as a future couple with a tumultuous and somewhat obvious history, their relationship really has very, very toxic bases. It’s simple, Ron almost killed Hermione in the first year of wizarding school. Monsieur couldn’t bear that she was smarter than him, so he didn’t hesitate to make fun of her, openly. When Hermione heard Ron’s words, she locked herself in the girls’ bathroom, where the troll attacked her. In fact, Ron spent his entire school career bullying Hermione. And honestly, there’s nothing very subtle.

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Ron keeps running into Hermione because his cat, Crookshanks, wants to eat his rat (he should have). In the film, it’s quite soft. But in the book Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Ron doesn’t speak to Hermione for weeks, and talks to her in a just excruciatingly hellish way whenever she tries to get back to him. He will even turn Harry, far too gullible, against her.

It is in beauty that we end this ode against Ron Weasley, with the best example that we can have on his misplaced words towards Hermione Granger: the Christmas ball in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (decidedly). First, he is certain, but really convinced, that she does not have a date for the evening. He forgets that his “friend” is a girl, and that she has the power to please boys. As a great charitable soul, he offers her his services as a frilly green plant. But no, Hermione was invited by Viktor Krum, Ron’s absolute idol. And during the ball, Mr. Weasley does not hesitate to show his jealousy. He tricks Hermione into believing that Viktor is with her for the wrong reasons, and that in reality, he really doesn’t care about her. Whereas, even if their relationship is not very deep, the champion of Durmstrang cares about our dear Hermione. When the latter dares to tell Ron that he had only to invite her instead of playing the frustrated guy, he plays the ostrich and assumes nothing. Love is beautiful. Eventually he will wake up in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1he will end up marrying her 20 years later and they were happy, and had many children.

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