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By the way, how much Squid Game has (already) brought to Netflix?

Since the launch on September 17 of Squid Game on Netflix, not a week goes by without the South Korean series created by Hwang Dong-hyuk breaking a new record. This time, the news site Bloomberg, who had access to internal documents of the firm, reveals a new stunning figure: the “impact value” of Squid Game, estimated to be $891.1 million. Knowing that the production of the first season cost 21.4 million, the equivalent of only two episodes of The Crown, the return on investment is juicy to say the least.

In addition, the report states that a record 132 million subscribers would have watched at least the first two minutes of the series, in a very specific period of 23 days after its launch. Previous estimates, from last week, put it at 111 million, putting it well ahead of Bridgerton and its 83 million views. This is the best start in the history of the platform.

Even more interesting, insofar as Netflix does not usually reveal these kinds of figures, we learn that 89% of people who started the series, or 117 million, have seen at least 75 minutes of it, or a little more than one episode. . And 66%, or 87 million, have been to the end of the nine episodes that make up this first season, still within 23 days of its launch. Netflix subscribers would thus have consumed, in total over this period, more than 1.4 billion cumulative hours of the phenomenon series.

Between a buzz that lasts, merchandising galore and profits by the millions, even by the billions, Squid Game continues to expand its sprawling empire over pop culture.

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Season 1 of Squid Game is to see, or to see again, on Netflix.

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