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Stranger Things: 250 perms were needed to display an 80’s style

Eleven, Dustin, Will, Mike, Nancy, Steve… They all come together for the third season of Stranger Things, finally available on Netflix. The series that immerses us in the mid-80s, reproduces identically the details so specific to this era. The universe of the series punctuated by “the upside-down, puts us upside down when it comes to hairstyles. Mule cuts, lengths adorned with mini waves, retro bowl cuts… It’s an 80’s fashion wind blowing on the hair.

“Instyle” interviewed Sarah Hindsgaul, the head hairdresser of the show. Accompanied by a team of experienced people, she busied herself styling each of the characters. The star of the 80s? The perm of course. Backstage during the shoot, the expert supervised the creation of 250 of these unique hairstyles. To achieve this feat, she called on students who, for weeks, worked to reproduce the “mini-wave” structure so specific to this decade.

The constraints of the show

The hairstyles available are specific to each character. Thus, Billy’s hair is a “true piece of a masterpiece” she says. Inspired by Robe Lowe’s hairstyle in the ’80s, it was styled with “a longer, curlier nape” than Season 2.

Sarah Hindsgaul specifies that this third season takes place during the summer. Thus, the characters’ hair is adorned with blond reflections or more light to reproduce the sun-kissed effect of the sun.

Discovered with shaved hair in season 1, Millie Bobby Brown, who portrays the character of Eleven, appears on the screen with a bob cut. With her lob styled in half-up, she highlights the key accessory of our childhood: the scrunchie. She wears pop and tangy colors before abandoning them as the season progresses. Finally, one of the employees sacrificed her hair. The reason? Noah Schnapp who plays Will Byers cut his hair before filming began. Sarah Hindsgaul, who wanted the most realistic cut possible, went in search of a child’s hair. She explains that one of the hairdressers had kept her hair cut when she was 10 years old. It is from these elements that the wig of the pre-adolescent could be designed.

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