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Stranger Things: new information on season 5 revealed

While the second part of season 4 will be released on 1er next July, the creators of “Stranger Things” continue to give some clues about the final season of their Netflix series.

Season 5 is already in preparation. Three years passed between the release of season 3 and season 4, the first part of which went live on May 27. Why this delay? The health crisis postponed filming. These last three years have allowed the Duffer brothers, the creators of “Stranger Things”, to get ahead of the writing of the last season, confirmed since the summer of 2020.

“A jump in time”

Asked by “TVLine”, Matt Duffer, one of the showrunners, therefore confirmed that the final season was on the right track. “I’m not sure we’re ready to give a filming start date for Season 5, but a lot of it is pretty well plotted,” he said.

Ross Duffe, his brother, added new information: “I am sure that we will make a leap in time. Ideally, we would have shot seasons 4 and 5 in a row, but that was impossible to achieve. So these are discussions that we will have with our writers.

This information is crucial. “Stranger Things” premiered in 2016 and set its action in 1983. Season 4 takes place in 1986, a year after the end of season 5. Could the fifth season take place at the dawn of the 90s? That would assume Hawkins’ band of friends had finished high school and the eldest, Nancy, Steve, Jonathan, and Robin, were either in college or working…


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A promising finale for season 4

These questions will have time to find an answer. Indeed, no shooting date is known. The release date is even fuzzier. The last two episodes of season 4, which will be available on Netflix on 1er next July, should already answer certain questions.

Episode 9 will last 2h19 and promises a lot of special effects. The Duffer Brothers announced that there will be more than in all of Season 3. “There’s an hour of action in the last episode where it never stops. It’s the most complicated thing we’ve ever tried,” Ross Duffer told Variety. The showrunners also clarified that this finale should make it possible to understand in which direction season 5 will go.

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