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Stranger Things: the questions season 4 will have to answer

Will, Dustin, Mike, Lucas and Eleven are back for a season that already promises to be exceptional in terms of its length. Netflix has decided to release two volumes: the first consisting of seven episodes, on May 27, and the second, with two final episodes, on May July. The first ones last between 1h15 and 1h40. Episode 9, to be discovered in five weeks, almost rivals the last film “Batman” since it will last 2h30. The Duffer brothers, creators of the show, and the main actors have already announced new adventures darker than the previous ones, as evidenced by the trailers. Some of them will even take place far from Hawkins. This penultimate season of “Stranger Things” will also have to answer several questions that have remained unanswered. Here are which ones. [Attention spoilers]

Why did Eleven lose her powers and how will she get them back?

This is one of the last scenes of season 3. In her bedroom at the Byers family home, the teenager tries to move a teddy bear out of the wardrobe, as she is used to. But this time it doesn’t work. Was the final battle of July 4, 1985 too much? Have his emotions (which have been linked to his powers from the start) been undermined?

How will Hopper get back to Hawkins?

Everyone thought he was dead. During the Battle of Starcourt, Sheriff Hopper was confronted by the Russians. Joyce Byers was forced to close the gate to save the children and while Hopper was on the wrong side. The trailer shows (as expected) that he is not dead, but is in a Russian prison camp. The smart ones also noticed that the Duffer brothers offered a post-credits sequence in the last episode of season 3, showing a new place. In this prison camp located in Russia, a guard mentions a person, “the American”, who would therefore be Jim Hopper.

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How is the new life of the Byers family and Eleven going?

If season 4 will obviously bring together the whole gang, the first episodes should be rather scattered and show the new family life of the Byers. Will, Jonathan and Joyce left Hawkins for the first time in their lives, alongside Eleven, after three grueling seasons and just as the mother of the family was about to go on a date with Hopper. Will the Byers finally have a more fulfilling life away from Indiana? Did Jonathan continue his career as a press photographer? Does Will still suffer from trauma?

What impact will Billy’s death have on his little sister?

Arrived from California at the beginning of season 2 with his little sister Max, Billy was a tyrannical character while also in front in season 3, the lifeguard of the swimming pool of Hawkins on which all the mothers fantasized. The antagonist then found himself possessed by the Mind Flayer. In the final battle, he died sacrificing himself to protect his half-sister and her friends. The first trailer for season 4 showed the teenager sitting in front of Billy’s grave reading a letter to him. It could therefore be that the presence of this character, however hated, hovers over the next episodes.

Why did Russia get its hands on the Demogorgon and what are its ambitions?

The Russians’ intentions were never explained in the previous season. We already know, thanks to the trailer, that the Russian threat will always hang over Hawkins and directly over Hopper. But why do they want to take control of the Demogorgon and conduct these scientific experiments? Remember that the plot takes place in the 80s, in the midst of the Cold War, and that the geopolitical track is to be preferred. So the Russians might want to take over the world through Hawkins.

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How will the relationship between Eleven and Mike evolve?

It was the sweet love development of season 3. After a first kiss on the dance floor of the college prom, at the end of season 2, Eleven and Mike discover the first emotions, and also, the first arguments. After confessing their love for each other, the young couple were separated by the Byers family move. But the distance does not seem to have played on their relationship. The trailer shows them reunited with Will in the background.

Are Jonathan and Nancy still together?

At the start of “Stranger Things” in 2016, Nancy Wheeler is dating Steve Harrington. A relationship doomed from the first episodes. As the battle against the Demogorgon progresses, the teenager has grown closer to Jonathan, Will Byers’ discreet older brother. The two comrades ended up getting together in season 2. At the start of season 3, the couple even work together at the local newspaper, the Hawkins Post. Separated by the move of the Byers family, did their relationship last?

Is Suzie still Dustin’s girlfriend and will she join the gang?

Dustin gives us some of the show’s best moments. Returning from summer vacation camps at the start of season 3, he proudly announces to his friends that he has met a great person, Suzie, whom he introduces as his girlfriend. The general doubt as to the existence of this person completely disappeared in the last episode of the season, when the two teenagers offered, from a distance and thanks to their walkie-talkies, a memorable singing scene. So it may well be that Suzie comes to Hawkins and helps the merry band in their fight.

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Robin will she live a lesbian love story?

In Season 3, Steve becomes an ice cream vendor in the new Starcourt Mall with Robin, a new character played by Maya Hawke. The scathing humor and intelligence of this newcomer immediately seduced us and allowed us to reveal a new facet of Steve. After surviving the interrogations and being drugged by the Russians, the teenager discovers that he likes Robin and therefore confesses his feelings to her. In an embarrassing moment for Steve, but enjoyable for the viewer, the young woman explains to him that she is in love with a girl from their high school, and therefore is a lesbian. We hope that she too will have the right to her romantic development.

What other mysteries does the world hold?

This is the ultimate question with an infinity of possible answers. Over the seasons, the Duffer brothers have shown new facets of this upside down world (the “upside down”, in the original version), always darker and oppressive, with the appearance of new creatures. While the portal was once again closed at the end of season 3, no doubt new mysteries will emerge in this season but also surely in the fifth – already announced by the creators in 2020.

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