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The 5 series to watch if you liked Squid Game

Squid Game has been a worldwide success since its release on September 17th. The South Korean series created by Hwang Dong-hyuk and featuring broke gamers who must survive child’s play has become the most-watched series on Netflix with nearly 111 million views in one month, surpassing the record held by The Bridgerton Chronicle.

If, despite the media coverage, you missed out on this event series, don’t panic: Squid Game is still available on Netflix. On the contrary, if you have completed all the episodes and are patiently waiting to find out if Squid Game will be renewed for a second season, we have dug up a list of five series, known and less known, to binge-watch in the meantime.

#1. Alice in Borderland

If there is indeed a series to which Squid Game has been compared, it is Alice in Borderland, directed by Shinsuke Sato. This Japanese science fiction series is directly inspired by the cult manga of the same name created by Haro Asô. In this intense Tokyo-based thriller, a gamer and his two best friends find themselves stuck in a parallel world.

They will have to participate in several dangerous and violent games in order to return to normal life, which obviously recalls the pitch of Squid Game. The series has been a great success, and has also been renewed for a second season which is currently being filmed.

The first season ofAlice in Borderland is available on Netflix.

#2. 3%

In this Brazilian dystopian series, created by Pedro Aguilera and first broadcast on Netflix in 2016, people are forced into poverty by a series of disasters. In the year of their 20th birthday, many young people try their luck by taking a test, the Process, which may open the doors to a better world.

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Only here, only 3% of the candidates can hope to go to the Other Shore, this idyllic place that so many characters dream of reaching. Between eliminations and deaths, 97% of candidates will fail the test. Even though, in Squid Game, we are rather on less than 1% of survivors, we still notice some similarities between the two series.

The four seasons of 3% are available on Netflix.

#3. extra-curricular

This South Korean drama directed by Kim Jin-min first aired in 2020 on Netflix. In this series, a model and brilliant student named Oh Ji-soo runs an illegal business to finance his studies and achieve the life he has always dreamed of.

One of his comrades, the very rich Bae Gyu-ri, will soon discover his secret and will join him in his adventures. The two protagonists will unfortunately find themselves in a world punctuated by crime and violence. Like Squid Gameone wonders how far the two characters will be willing to go for money.

The first season of extra-curricular is available on Netflix.

#4. Re:Mind

First aired in 2017, Re:Mind is a short but intense psychological thriller in which eleven classmates find themselves victims of a kidnapping. They wake up gagged and tied to their chairs around a table, and, one by one, will start to disappear.

As the remaining students try to solve the mystery of their kidnapping, they will quickly discover that they share a common past with one of their former classmates, also a victim of an abduction. In the casting, we also find the members of the K-pop group Hinatazaka46.

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The first season of Re:Mind is available on Netflix.

#5. Memories of the Alhambra

Again, like Squid Game, it is about games, although much less violent. Critically acclaimed, Memories of the Alhambra is a South Korean drama based in Granada, Spain, in which a hotel boss gets stuck in an augmented reality game about his palace.

As the boundary between fiction and reality begins to blur, the protagonist will have to solve the mystery of the game. A romantic series with an original pitch, which will appeal to those who have found Squid Game a little too violent.

The first season of Memories of the Alhambra is available on Netflix.

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