Fans of “Friends”, you did not understand anything in the credits of the series

Fourteen years after the end of the series “Friends”, its famous credits “I’ll Be There For You” are still talking about him. Fans realized they weren’t singing the right lyrics…

Think you know the theme song of “Friends” inside out? You will be disappointed. For all these years, you may be one of those fans who sing the wrong lyrics… Indeed, the refrain is not: “I’ll be there for you, when the rain starts to fall”, but ” I’ll be there for you, when the rain starts to pour”.

A small mistake that cost a viewer of the program “Saturday Night Takeaway” broadcast on the channel “ITV”. During a segment of the show, host Declan Donnelly hosts a game similar to “Don’t Forget the Lyrics”. Several viewers then had to find the missing words of the cult song of the group The Rembrandts released in 1995. Falling on the chorus, the young viewer in question gives her answer, sure of herself: “When the rain starts to fall”. The whole audience then begins to applaud him but a buzzer sounds, indicating that this is not the correct answer. Completely stunned, the young woman does not believe it, leaving the presenter confused in excuses: “I am really sorry but this is not the right answer. »

Four claps, not five

But let this unlucky viewer rest assured, she is not the only one to have made this mistake, some big stars have also covered the song with the wrong lyrics, like singer Ed Sheeran.

This is not the first time that fans of the series have felt “betrayed” by the credits. In 2014, The Rembrandts revealed to “Buzzfeed” that everyone was wrong about the number of hand claps: “I watched Jimmy Kimmel’s show a few weeks ago with Courtney Cox, and when is came the part where you have to clap your hands, she hit five times when you only have to hit four times, ”said one of the two members of the group, Phil Solem. So fans of the first hour, if you feel a bit nostalgic, you can always console yourself by (re)watching the episodes of the series in replay!

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