Friends: David Schwimmer recounts the beginnings of Friends thanks to Ross

More than fifteen years after the end of “Friends”, fans continue to dub this sitcom featuring six New Yorkers. David Schwimmer, who played Ross, was a guest on the “Jimmy Fallon Show” yesterday to talk about his new series, “Intelligence.” Obviously, the presenter did not fail to ask him about the series that made him famous. The opportunity for the actor to return to the beginnings of the series and to reveal that he had initially refused the role of Ross. “I had a horrible experience on a series a year before ‘Friends’. […] It wasn’t fun. When that show got canceled, I thought I’d never do a sitcom again. I came back to Chicago, I was doing theater, and my agent called me for “Friends” and I said I wouldn’t. Martha Kaufman and David Crane, creators of the series, confide in him when they wrote the character of Ross thinking of him. “They reminded me that I had auditioned for them a year before for a series about six New Yorkers who lived in the same building, called ‘Couples’. It was just me and Johnny Sylverman who was taken, they did a pilot but they never launched the series. And later they created “Friends”. “On learning that the role of Ross was written for him, David Schwimmer cannot refuse and commits to this series which will bring him worldwide recognition.

Jimmy Fallon took the opportunity to ask the actor about the special reunion episode, the filming of which was postponed due to the health crisis. “There are no written dialogues, it’s funny interviews and surprises. It should be shot in August, but we’ll wait a week or two to see if it’s not dangerous to do so. »

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