Friends: the new theory that annoys fans a lot

Each week that passes, brings its share of theories on the series “Friends”. Whether they seduce us, make us laugh or annoy us, these hypotheses leave no fan indifferent. And now a new analysis is dividing Internet users. It concerns Rachel Green, played by Jennifer Aniston. Who should she have ended up with: Ross or Joey? In the last episode of season 10, the character of Rachel refuses at the last moment to settle in Paris, to better fall back into the arms of Ross, her one great love. Its “lobster” to quote Phoebe. However, during season 8, Rachel falls for Joey. And very quickly, their story does not hold water: each failing to see the other as anything other than a friend.



Except for @kaneandgriffin, a Twitter user: Rachel should have been in a relationship with Joey. With almost a hundred tweets, she explains that Joey could have made Rachel happy and that Ross was basically an idiot. His analysis is (very) long but let’s try to summarize it in 3 points:

1. Ross couldn’t be happy with Rachel because he fell in love with the “teenage Rachel”, but the latter matured and changed, which Ross never sees. And never accept.

2. With Joey, Rachel had someone who supported her career, encouraged her and wasn’t jealous of her (unlike Ross). It was Joey who pushed Rachel to quit her job as a waitress at “Central Perk” to fulfill her dream of working in the fashion world.


3. Rachel and Joey bring out their best sides: she gets cooler, crazier around him, teaches him to be patient and treat women better. While between Ross and Rachel, there are (almost) nothing but arguments.

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An interpretation that has annoyed many Internet users for whom Rachel and Ross form the most iconic couple on American television. But a small part seems convinced by his theory and adheres to it more and more… And you, would you have liked to see Rachel end up with Joey?


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