Friends: the sad revelation of Jennifer Aniston

“Friends” celebrates its twenty-fifth anniversary, the revelations surrounding the cult series continue to rain. The latest has just been unveiled by Jennifer Aniston herself.

A project quickly aborted. Since its first broadcast in September 1994, “Friends” has quickly risen to the rank of ultra-popular series. Marking a whole generation. On the other hand, what is less known is that the sitcom almost went from the small to the big screen. A project finally shelved, as Jennifer Aniston recently revealed to the magazine “Variety”. “Our producers didn’t want to. They refused to let us do it. Honestly, we really wanted to do it because the fans were really into it (…) We never discussed it seriously. But would we have liked to do something together? Yeah, that would have been fun. We could have redesigned a few episodes. But whatever. Maybe it’s better this way, but we’ll never know! “. A news that is enough to disappoint (greatly) all the followers of the cult series.

A series that never gets old

Although “Friends” has ended since 2004, the famous sitcom continues to be a hit. Still broadcast today on television or on the Netflix streaming platform, the incredible adventures of the six New York friends do not age. And for the one who camped for almost ten years the character of Rachel Green, Jennifer Aniston, it is always a real pleasure to see an old episode again. “It makes me happy. I love and almost forgot a lot of the series, so it’s great fun for me to rediscover it,” she said. So if, like us, learning that a “Friends” movie could have been made saddens you, you can however console yourself by watching (again) the ten seasons of the legendary series.

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