TikTok: the choreography of Courteney Cox and her daughter Coco ignites the Internet

If you don’t know TikTok, you’re not a teenager, or you don’t have a teenager at home. However, it is the application they love, far ahead of Instagram, Snapchat or even the ancestor of all, Facebook. On TiKTok, we make short videos with music, or replicas of films, adding filters and visual effects, in short, we have fun. And we dance too! Download the application and watch, you will see many choreographies, often funny or parodic, sometimes impressive.

Latest video to have unleashed the passions, that of the actress of “Friends” Courteney Cox and her daughter Coco. The 15-year-old and her mother simultaneously dance to “Skinny Lil B Word.” They are not the first to do it since on TikTok, there are hours and hours of videos of teenagers dancing the same choreography on the same song. The video was also reposted on Courteney Cox’s Instagram account, and attracted many comments. And of course, many of them evoke the “routine”, the dance between Ross and Monica in “Friends”.

This is not Coco Arquette’s first TikTok in which we see Courteney Cox, on the contrary. Her daughter loves to film her, sometimes to make fun of her gently, but it’s the first time she’s taken part in a dance. Divorced from the father of her daughter, actor David Arquette, Courteney Cox is very close to Coco. Moreover, the teenager now steals her mother’s clothes, like a dress she had worn during a ceremony, and that her daughter took out for an evening, twenty-one years later.



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