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HBO’s useless strategy against ‘Game of Thrones’ spoilers

This year, to avoid getting divulge every episode of Game Of Thrones even before its broadcast, you had to be a hermit or have enough willpower to desert social networks for several months. Leaks having allowed impatient fans to discover certain parts of this season 7 several days (or even weeks) in advance, HBO has decided to implement a plan to prevent the situation from happening again.

If securing the episodes in order to prevent their early broadcast on streaming and peer-to-peer sites seems a priori feasible, it is on the other hand much more difficult for the channel to prevent images stolen on the set or information gleaned by the most tenacious aficionados does not spoil the suspense. This is why HBO decided that the filming of the eighth season of the series would be embellished with false leads.

How far will the intox go?

In particular, it is expected that several endings will be shot in order to prevent anyone from being able to reveal the outcome of the series before the broadcast of the final episode. We dare not imagine the insane cost of the operation. We also do not know if each of the endings will be edited and processed in post-production in order to play the intox card until the end, or even to choose only at the last moment the content of the ending that will be broadcast.

According to Esquire reporter Matt Miller, it’s a waste of time for HBO anyway, since the possible endings have already been listed by fans, who had previously predicted the content of season 7 extremely precise. “The different endings will be spoiled one after the other”writes Miller, who believes that which of them is the right one is a question hardly worthy of interest.

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