5 Facts about… the TV series Sherlock!

 The TV series takes the famous character of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and his detective stories while transposing them to the London of the 1890s. What do you think about the 4th season? If you are a big Sherlock Holmes fan, like us, it’s your lucky day! We’ve put together 5 stories about the show to get you in the mood for the new episodes!


    1. The actor who plays Sherlock Holmes has been seriously preparing for this role! And hates his hair


Benedict Cumberbatch didn’t just learn his lines for this role: Bikram Yoga, swimming and abstinence from alcohol and cigarettes during the shooting. But he told The Times newspaper that he hated letting his hair grow to the length required for his character! While on the contrary, we like it!


2. He’s not a psychopath… And perhaps not even a sociopath…


“Do your research, Anderson,” said Holmes, “I am a serious sociopath.” According to psychologist Maria Konnikova, he is far too loving and empathetic to be scientifically considered as such!



3. Speedy Coffee is REAL



The sandwich shop often visited by Holmes and Watson, does exist on Gower Street in London! Fans passing by can try the sandwiches inspired by the series. Yummy.


4. Why are there only three episodes per season?


Things work differently on British and American television. Normally, there are at least 10 episodes in an American series. The assistant creator explained that each episode is treated as a 90-minute film in its own right. Quality over quantity!

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5. The real owner of Charles Augustus Magnussen’s house does not live there.


Appledore, the villain’s house in the series is owned by engineers: Sir David McMurtry whose wife doesn’t want to live there because she thinks “it’s too flashy.” What a shame… we wouldn’t mind living there! Right? 😉

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