Sherlock co-creator responds to criticism

Now that the new season of sherlock has finally started, it may not please everyone if it continues the momentum of its season premiere. Even that some find that it is a question of less and less sherlock.

Inevitably, a series as prestigious as sherlock unleashes passions and cannot please everyone. If many voices had already been raised at the time of season 3, reproaching him for abandoning his concept in favor of a gallery of characters who gave a soap-opera side to the series, it seems obvious that the season 4 will also suffer some wrath, especially after its rather special first episode and far from what we could expect.

And it didn’t take long since the Guardian recently paid for the show by accusing him of transforming “softly and perversely […] in James Bond“, concluding that it could not last and that it was necessary to react. Quite surprising remarks which however made Mark Gatiss react, the co-creator of the series and interpreter of Mycroft, who responded in a rather surprising and actually quite funny:

“Here is a critic who claims, by a low blow

That Sherlock is not a mastermind but has become a double zero

They say the baker street boy ain’t no action man,

While ignoring the stories that could have led him to become one.

We are witnessing a boxing fight in the Solitary Cyclist

In the Gloria-Scott and The Sign of the Four

In The Empty House also, there is mention of Mathews

Who knocks out Sherlock’s dog.

Photo Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman

When it comes to martial arts, there are also clues

In the misspelled wrestling technique that Doyle calls baritsu,

By swinging Moriarty in the torrent,

Does Sherlock find this violence strange and abject?

Shooting pygmies and Hellhounds

Does Sherlock delight in Victorian pleasantries?

When Gruner’s men catch him, is Sherlock accommodating

Or does he give the Famous Customer his coin change?


It is not useful to continue to epilogue, citing these thrilling adventures,

On Her Majesty’s Secret Servant’s License to Kill

From Rathbone to Brett, to dandy Cumberbatch

With his fists Mr. Holmes has always been nimble.”

A response all in British phlegm therefore, and which sets the record straight. That said, if we are far from the super-heroic treatment of Guy Ritchie’s films, we must recognize that over the seasons, sherlock did turn into something else. Unless he’s revealed his true intentions after tricking us at first to set up his characters. What is certain, on the other hand, is that the last two episodes of the season had better be up to the task.

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Photo Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman

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