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The Flash: Ezra Miller issues an official apology (in accordance with Warner Bros.’ communications plan)

Surge in the media soap opera of a personality in remission. If the privacy ofEzra Miller has been in the headlines since the beginning of this year – with legal upheavals, accusations of grooming and bulletproof vests to protect against the Ku Klux Klan – the impressive cavalcade might be on the way to being resolved. The actor recently released an official statement apologizing for his attitude over the past few months. Miller explains that he went through a period of crisis, and would be on the way to therapy or treatment that could help him see a little more clearly.

The #1 solution from Warner Bros.

The writing of variety releases the statement, with the usual language of this kind of public apology. A predictable way out of the crisis, even mentioned recently by the HollywoodReporter in accordance with the wishes of Warner Bros.the main employer of the interpreter of Barry Allen in the future movie The Flash. This one might be saved, as long as things go as planned at the start.

“After going through a period of intense and difficult crisis, I now realize that I suffer from complex mental problems and have now started treatment. I would like to apologize to all those who my attitude may have worried or shocked. I am committed to doing the work necessary to approach the next stage of my life on a healthier and more productive basis.”

Indeed, in the various avenues of reflection envisaged by Warner Bros.the idea of ​​laying off Ezra Miller or to keep it away from the promotional campaign The Flash had been mentioned, in the event that the actor refuses to be followed by professionals following his recent attitude. As a reminder, Miller has, in the last few months, threatened several people during a stay in Hawaii, been convicted of breaking and entering, and had confined himself to a farm surrounded by weapons; of a teenager and a single mother. Scandalous detail which had led the child protection services to take an interest in the case of the interpreter. Other previous cases had already tarnished his public image, including a curious fan choking session in Scandinavia. At the time, some thought it was a joke, or a situation that had gone wrong.

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The apologies of Miller therefore follow track n°1 of the rescue plan of The Flash – for Warner Bros.if the actor (ice) agreed to undergo treatment and apologize, it would still be possible to integrate it into the promotional campaign’ of the film.Andy Muschietti and to allow him to grant a few interviews to a hand-picked press. Which probably means that journalists who want to question him will have to agree to stay within a strict framework of questions sorted in advance, avoiding meandering towards his private life to focus on the feature film, exclusively. Come-of-life stories are considered part of the Hollywood mythos, if only Miller follow the precise path that looms for the stars caught in this kind of spiral, it is indeed not impossible that the project manages to get out of the quagmire in which it was locked up.

To be continued, hoping in passing that the actor(ice) actually finds the light and that it is not just a simple communication plan.

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