The X-Files is back after 14 years: “I missed it so much”

Broadcast on the American channel Fox 13, the first episode of season 10 of the X-Files, which was long overdue, seduced an overwhelming majority of fans of this cult series born in the 1990s.


On Sunday, January 24, X-Files made its comeback with the first episode of season 10 of the series, The truth is still out there, broadcast on American television. A comeback very expected by the fans of Mulder and Scully, who did not wait to express themselves on social networks. Between nostalgia, disappointment and warm welcome, the reactions were diverse.
“I had missed it so much!”

If the spectators had not been disappointed during the preview screening of The truth is still out there, the critics are a little more nuanced since the broadcast on television of the first episode of the cult series Sunday, January 24.


Despite these few reservations, the reactions were largely positive, as nostalgia dictates.

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